Retirement Planning

Retirement planning, in a financial context, refers to the allocation of finances for retirement. This normally means the setting aside of money or other assets to obtain a steady income at retirement. The goal of a retirement plan is to prepare an individual for a desired standard of living based upon unique needs, goals, and time frames. Planning for retirement is important to ensure that an individual does not need to work during his or her retirement years but may choose to work if desired. A client may have a complex situation with many retirement plans or may simply choose to live off of social security. Either way, proper retirement planning is a necessary part of financial planning to prepare an individual for their retirement years.

In recent years, financial planners have been available to help clients develop retirement plans, where compensation is either fee-based or commissioned contingent on product sale. Retirement finances include many areas of client assets including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, insurance, defined benefit plan, social security, and other retirement plans. Retirement planning advice should also center around debt, taxation, and cash flow as well. Retirement planning is about the future so the planning needs to address uncertainty, volatility, and variable dynamics. These factors raise significant challenges to those providing retirement planning advice.

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